Computation no. 1

Total cbm x cbm rate

Computation no. 2

This is how to determine if your packages will be based on the KG rate.

total weight / total cbm = kg/cbm

500kg/cbm is the threshold to consider if your package is overweight or not.

if kg/cbm is 500kg/cbm and above, Your freight cost will be based on our KG rate, which is Php25/kg or Php30/kg, depends on where your packages will fall under what commodities.


Total cbm: 0.657cbm
Total kg: 408kg

408kg / 0.657cbm = 621kg/cbm

408kg x Php25 = Php 10,200 (total Shipping/freight cost)

REMINDER: The Total freight cost will be based on the actual dimension and weight of your packages.